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The five highest-paying college majors

If you’re ready to start thinking about college but don’t know what the right direction is for you, there are a lot of factors to consider. First and foremost, you should always make sure what you’re majoring in is something

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Waiting For That Job Offer Too Long? Here Is Why.

After you submit your application materials or interview for a job, you wish the hiring manager would get back to you as soon as possible.

But according to Indeed, only about four percent of job candidates hear back in that sought-after …

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Spotting Misinformation Online

Andrew Seaman
View Andrew’s LinkedIn Newsletter The internet brings a world of information to your fingertips, but not all information is equal.…

Strategic Thinking Tips to Solve Problems and Innovate

AJ Eckstein
Do you struggle when it comes to problem solving? Would you like to think more strategically? In this course, strategy…

Reframing: The Power of Changing Your Perspective

So often in life, when faced with a roadblock or difficult decision, we believe we only have two choices. Stay…

Dan Ariely on Making Decisions

Dan Ariely
What happens in your brain when you make a decision? When should you use your intuition? How do you make…

Thinking, Fast and Slow (Blinkist Summary)

You have two ways to react: instantaneous reactions and plans. This audio-only course shows you various ways that your mind…

The Secret to Better Decisions: Stop Hoarding Chips

Seth Godin
All day, we make decisions—from what to have for lunch to whether or not to shut down a product line.…

Smarter Faster Better (Blinkist Summary)

Some people seem to just get things done and never get off track. How is that possible? In this audio-only…

Decision-Making Strategies

Mike Figliuolo
View Mike’s LinkedIn Newsletter Learn the art and science of business decision-making from leadership trainer and coach Mike Figliuolo. Mike…

How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices

Annie Duke
Have you ever had to make an important decision, but didn’t know what to do? It’s easy to become overwhelmed…

The Six Biases of Decision-Making

Drew Boyd
Want to make better decisions at work? In this short course, author, innovation expert, and professor Drew Boyd discusses ways…

Build Your Logical Thinking Skills

Kim Wehle
We’ve all been there: We’re in an argument, and things just aren’t going well. We’re not convincing, and maybe things…

Think Like a Lawyer to Make Decisions and Solve Problems

Kim Wehle
Why would any non-lawyer want to think like a lawyer? What’s the benefit of thinking like a lawyer? In this…

Eddie Davila’s Everyday Statistics: Abridged Edition

Eddie Davila
Ever wondered why the house always wins? Or the odds of reaching the Super Bowl? What about how many beans…

Creativity at Work: A Short Course from Seth Godin

Seth Godin
You are a creative person. Despite what your inner critic may have told you, you absolutely can solve complex business…

Creative Problem Solving for Technologists

Adam Shostack
Are you trying to solve a problem that just won’t budge, or a problem that calls for a new way…

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

As a leader, your team and organization rely on you to have good judgement and make the right decision with…

Navigating Ambiguity

Ambiguity causes a lot of problems. Think about it—a lack of clarity in a relationship or a misunderstanding of your…

Critical Thinking

Mike Figliuolo
View Mike’s LinkedIn Newsletter Critical thinking is the ability to think reflectively and independently in order to make thoughtful decisions.…

Problem-Solving for Founders

Experienced entrepreneurs know that understanding a problem deeply is the key to solving it. Join MIT professors Erdin Beshimov and…

Making Quick Decisions

Todd Dewett
Decision-making is an essential skill in every industry. The ability to confidently (and quickly) make smart, high-quality decisions can help…