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AccessLex Institute – Pre Law Informational

As part of our LexScholars diversity initiative, AccessLex Institute® is pleased to announce the new application cycle for LexPreLaw. This pathway program, offered at no cost and designed specifically for students from diverse backgrounds, offers LSAT prep, admission counseling, financial …

By Beth Jordan
Beth Jordan Director
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20 Popular Careers in Finance

Choosing a career in finance can feel daunting – there are nearly endless areas of the finance industry, and it is an ever-growing field. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the financial and business operations field will …

By McKayla Girardin - Forage
Showcase your skills. Find your career fit.
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Skill Build with LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Premium Quick Tips (2021)

Oliver Schinkten
Find your next job, or simply get ahead in your field, with LinkedIn Premium. In this course, instructor Oliver Schinkten…

Bill George on Self-Awareness, Authenticity, and Leadership

Bill George
Bill George’s approach to leadership, based on self-awareness and authenticity, is widely considered the gold standard in the field. Here…

Organization Communication

Brenda Bailey-Hughes
Organizations are complex; so are the communications within them. In this course, communication instructor and coach Brenda Bailey-Hughes helps you…

Job Seeker Tips

Jenny Foss
Have you wondered how to answer open-ended interview questions? Or are you struggling to market yourself to employers in an…

Powerless to Powerful: Taking Control

Fred Kofman
More from LinkedIn Learning’s top expertsLeadership and Management Newsletter Victimhood means blaming other people or outside circumstances when faced with…

Managing Up

Roberta Matuson
Are you ready to take charge, do good work, and get noticed for it? If you don’t manage up, you…

Boosting Your Team’s Productivity

Lisa Bodell
Many managers unknowingly make things overly complex for their teams-and this can be a drain on productivity. In this course,…

Delivering Results Effectively

Dave Crenshaw
As a professional, your job is to deliver results: to identify what needs to be accomplished and get it done.…

The Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness (getAbstract Summary)

Most people know just a little about mindfulness, yet business leaders recognize its career impact and workplace benefits. Mindfulness can…

Succeeding in an Interview for a Creative Role

Richard Harrington
To land your dream job in a creative role, there’s nothing more important than the interview. Job interviews showcase your…

Finding Your Idea Hook

Stefan Mumaw
Creatives are asked to invent all kinds of things: ideas for ads, campaigns, logos, brochures, videos, social content, emails—you name…

Do the Work: Overcome Resistance (Blinkist Summary)

Steven Pressfield’s popular book Do the Work outlines ways to help you conquer your fears, stop procrastinating, and accomplish the…

Outsourcing Critical Success Factors

Bob McGannon
View Bob’s LinkedIn Newsletter Successful outsourcing relationships don’t happen by accident. There are crucial elements and attitudes that make an…

Discussing Racism with Dr. Christina Greer

Christina Greer
Dr. Christina Greer, renowned author, educator, and expert on American history, Black ethnics, and public policy, provides an engaging course…

Thinking, Fast and Slow (Blinkist Summary)

You have two ways to react: instantaneous reactions and plans. This audio-only course shows you various ways that your mind…

How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices

Annie Duke
Have you ever had to make an important decision, but didn’t know what to do? It’s easy to become overwhelmed…

Practicing Diversity and Inclusion in Media and Entertainment

Ashley Kennedy
We can talk all day about diversity and inclusion, but that doesn’t come close to implementing it in practice. This…

How to Develop Friendships and Connect Meaningfully with Work Colleagues

Selena Rezvani
View Selena’s LinkedIn Newsletter Friendships boost your work life in meaningful ways—psychologically, physically, and chemically—which help you stay happy, engaged,…

Presentation Tips Weekly

Jole Simmons
Starting to find your slides less than inspiring? In this weekly series, join elite presentation designer Jole Simmons as he…

Branding with Adobe Express

Nicte Cuevas
If you’re looking to ramp up your branding skills, why not check out Creative Cloud Express? It’s the approachable graphic…