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Successful career management starts with EXPLORING and developing a plan for your time at LU and beyond. Start by thinking about your current and past professional experiences and exposures. This is often times an overlooked step in the process of exploring and preparing for your future career. You need to look both backward and forward to ensure you can set a specific career goal that best suits your interests and abilities.

How to Answer: ‘Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?’

As you prepare for your interview, you know you’ll probably be asked about your strengths and weaknesses and to tell the interviewer about yourself. But did you know that another common interview question you may encounter is, “Where do you …

By Forage
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Top 10 Jobs for Marketing Majors

If you are looking at possibly pursuing a degree in Marketing, this is the article for you. Written by Rachel Pelta of Forage, marketing can mean a broad association of jobs/careers but this article will help give you and idea …

By Grant Sundberg
Grant Sundberg
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How to Write a Cover Letter

After weeks of heavy job search, you’re almost there!

You’ve perfected your resume.

You’ve short-listed the coolest jobs you want …