Bridges Alliance

BridgesAlliance brings together colleges and universities with employers from across the country, each dedicated to preparing students for the future of work. These universities and companies have united to connect college students with meaningful mentorship and experiential learning opportunities.

By combining relationship-rich experiences and mentorship with work-integrated learning, the BridgesAlliance is building a foundation that will ensure their students will be successful in the new future, and companies will help close the skills gap and prepare diverse students across the country for the future of work.

Working together, the aim is to help thousands of students –– least likely to have a mentor in their corner — while significantly addressing the existential threats facing higher education and our economy (return on investment and unemployment, respectively).

Members of the BridgesAlliance use PeopleGrove’s online platform to empower students, universities, and companies to come together to facilitate meaningful mentorship between diverse college students and employees at leading companies.

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