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Navigating Your Career Through Restructuring, Layoffs, and Furloughs

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace dramatically. You’ve had to adapt to working remotely and independently, but also to facing increased chances of restructurings, layoffs, and furloughs. In this course, career coach Chris Taylor helps you navigate the rapidly changing workplace, giving you tools to understand what’s happening in your work environment, and teaching you how to turn uncertainty to your future benefit.

Learn how to recognize shifts in workplace dynamics, and then how to reframe mentally for what’s next. Restructurings, layoffs, and furloughs are understandably intimidating, but they’re also opportunities for growth and new experiences, especially if you know how to leverage your environment in a positive way. Chris helps you showcase your value as an employee, network within your organization, and update your job search materials for new opportunities. Upon finishing this course, you’ll have the tools to not only survive in the rapidly changing workplace, but also thrive.

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