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Navigating Ambiguity

Ambiguity causes a lot of problems. Think about it—a lack of clarity in a relationship or a misunderstanding of your boss’ expectations can be costly. But what if you could use ambiguity as a tool to help you grow? In this course, Dr. Eric Zackrison shares how ambiguity can unlock all kinds of new opportunities.

Eric defines what ambiguity truly is and why it can be so problematic. He then dives into high-stakes scenarios when uncertainty should be reduced or eliminated, like in conversations or when setting expectations. He balances out the negative chatter by digging into situations when ambiguity should always be welcome, such as problem-solving or learning new skills. After watching this course, you’ll be prepared to confidently navigate ambiguity and use it as a skill to help yourself and others.

This course was created by Madecraft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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