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Smarter Cities: Using Data to Drive Urban Innovation

By 2050, over 70% of us will live in cities. But are our cities ready? Today, cities face challenges such as aging infrastructure, inadequate transportation, and inefficient bureaucratic processes. We must rethink how cities operate and deliver services, and turn to digital tools, data, and intelligent connected systems. Our cities must grow smarter—and we’re going to need a whole new generation of people with entirely new skills to help.

Find out where the best opportunities are for making a meaningful difference. This course is designed to introduce those with an interest in the future of cities to the idea of urban innovation. Top Chief Information Officer (CIO) Dr. Jonathan Reichental introduces the roles and skills needed to enter in this exciting new field. He illustrates the concepts using examples from successful smart cities across the globe. If you want to understand how you can begin or advance a career in this area, or are simply interested in the future of your community, then this is the right introductory course for you.

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