STM: Science, Technology, and Mathematics

Next Generation AI: An Intro to GPT-3

Are you an AI specialist, a data scientist, a business leader, or someone who would like to know more about how artificial intelligence is impacting our world? In this course, instructor Dr. Jonathan Reichental introduces you to a hot topic in AI development: the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) technology released by Open AI. Reichental describes the increasingly important role that AI is playing in business. He covers a brief history of AI, then tells you about how OpenAI got started, its mission and vision, and its unique charter. Reichental discusses the core concepts of GPT-3, how it adds value, and a few of its challenges and limitations. He describes the future of AI, then concludes with suggestions for next steps you and your organization can take relative to GPT-3 and AI.

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