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Driving Change and Anti-Racism

We have entered a new era of understanding regarding issues of race. Now is the time to advocate for change in the workplace—to address structural inequalities and embark on active anti-racism. But how do you effectively drive company-wide change? Discover an approach that will turn your passion into persuasion and bring real results. Director of the American Negotiation Institute Kwame Christian explains how to have the difficult conversations you need to create a more equitable future at your organization. Learn how to identify exactly what needs to change—and ways to get leadership to commit—and define your vision for success. Once you have your plan, you can use the tools and techniques Kwame introduces for negotiating change, driving accountability, maintaining focus, and overcoming emotion. In closing, he identifies resources for practicing self-care when performing the hard work of anti-racism. These tactics will help you advocate for equality and combat the forces of racism that exist at a structural level in many organizations.

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