Business Design: Turning Ideas Into Business

How do you strategically turn an idea into a real business you can grow and sustain over time? In this course, learn best practices that serve as a guide to driving innovation through the strategic and design-inspired practice of business design. Instructor Heather Fraser shows you how to create, capture, and deliver value by turning your idea into a business that can thrive over time. She covers the fundamentals of how business design works, with real world examples, exercises, and worksheets. This course also includes frameworks, inspiring stories, and practical tools to drive growth and innovation in organizations of any size or sector—for-profit, government, or non-profit. Learn clear principles for leading innovation drawn from others’ experiences to help make the most of talent and resources, with insights into how a variety of organizations have leveraged the principles and practices of business design. If you’d like big ideas to become reality, business design may be for you.

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