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Best Languages for Data Science

The languages you learn as a data scientist are important to the path your career will take. In this audio-only course, Ben Sullins interviews Eric Stone, the head of Data Science at Flipside Crypto. Eric shares his insights into what languages are popular and which ones you should consider mastering for your data science career. After introductions, Eric dives into what analytics means in the world of crypto. He and Ben discuss crypto protocols, blockchain, and the importance of trust in the crypto world. Eric shares the story of how he became a data scientist, then he and Ben go into the skills and mindset needed to succeed as a data scientist. They cover what new data professionals should focus on, including R, Python, Jupyter notebooks, and enough flavors of SQL to enable you to troubleshoot effectively. Ben and Eric go over soft skills and interviewing challenges, then finish up with a discussion on the value of data science and some recommended next steps.

Note: This course was created by Ben Sullins and Free the Data Academy. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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