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Advancing Women of Color: Go from the First and Few to the Many

Women of color are leaving the workforce at heightened rates, and the usual strategies for advancement can set women up for failure, as they assume seats of power without feeling powerful or in their full voice. In this modern, contemporary course, author, speaker, and entrepreneur Deepa Purushothaman guides you through recognizing this reality and moving toward the changes that matter. Go over terminology and explore both the current reality for WOC in the workplace and the need for cultural change. Learn to recognize the difference between a safe, healthy, and open culture and one that simply tokenizes diverse talent. Discover practical, impactful steps you can take as a leader in your company, as an ally, or as a WOC. This course will empower professionals—whether leaders, allies, or WOC—to transform their workplace culture to attract the best talent and champion new voices.

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