The five highest-paying college majors

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If you’re ready to start thinking about college but don’t know what the right direction is for you, there are a lot of factors to consider. First and foremost, you should always make sure what you’re majoring in is something you’re interested in. That doesn’t mean you have to follow it as a career path, but you should make sure that it’s worth the expense and the work it takes to pursue a degree. Whether it’s a Bachelor of Science degree or even if you’re at the point where you’re thinking about something like an MBA, weighing the options as it relates to your life beyond school is crucial. 

If you’re looking for a major that makes sense for you, it is important to consider what these majors pay and how they can ultimately correlate to a lucrative and worthwhile career path. Of course, some pay better than others. But what are some of the highest-paying college majors out there right now?

Highest-paying college majors:

Computer Engineering (Average Salary: $74,000)

Computer engineering is an extremely valuable field of study as technology advances and has become fully integrated into our everyday lives. Computer engineers use science, mathematics, and engineering to solve technical issues and come up with solutions. One of the best things about a computer engineering major is that there is a wide range of options in terms of what you can focus on, which gives you plenty of flexibility in your career.

Computer Science (Average Salary: $70,000)

Computer science may seem similar to computer engineering, and that’s not entirely wrong. But the primary thing that sets computer science apart is that it focuses on the interaction between humans and computers on a scientific level. Software theory and design are areas you can study and focus on as a computer science major, and overall it’s a fascinating major with rewarding career opportunities.

Aerospace Engineering (Average Salary: $70,000)

Aerospace engineering majors have an incredible and unique opportunity on their hands: taking basic engineering principles and ideas and applying them to the manufacturing and testing of aircraft and spacecraft. This major can help you get started in the vast world of aerospace engineering, where you’ll explore everything from aircraft technology to prototyping and operational testing.

Industrial Engineering (Average Salary: $69,000)

An industrial engineering major will find that they’ll develop a specific skill set applicable across many different industries. The primary focus of industrial engineering is efficiency, and these professionals use their knowledge and abilities to streamline technologies to better connect with each other and the people that use them. There has been an increased demand for industrial engineers in recent years.

Mechanical Engineering (Average Salary: $68,000)

Mechanical engineering majors are focusing their studies on things like math and physics, as the basic idea of a mechanical engineer is that they solve complicated tech problems using very specific scientific skills and knowledge. This is an excellent area of study if you want to work in fields like health care, robotics, transportation, and energy, to name a few. 

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