10 Catchy Phrases For Job Postings On LinkedIn

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10 Catchy Phrases For Job Postings On LinkedIn

As social recruiting continues its rapid growth, LinkedIn continues to remain the most popular social recruitment platform. 73% of respondents aged 18-34 in a survey by the Aberdeen Group said they found their current jobs thanks to social media. The majority of these respondents found their jobs through Linkedin.

The most used social media platforms for recruitment

The only problem is that getting people’s attention on social media is not easy. When posting your jobs on LinkedIn or any other social platform, you want them to attract the attention of the right candidates. This means they should contain phrases that set them apart from the run-of-the-mill job posting. In this article, we will show you 10 catchy phrases for job postings on Linkedin.

Catchy job posting phrases

1. “Work in a place where your team values you.”

People want to work in a place where their ideas are valued and appreciated. This phrase talks about your culture and the attitudes and behaviors of your team. Your company culture must be one where employees feel comfortable asking questions and expressing their opinions. Culture is not monthly pizza parties or karaoke nights.

A company’s culture revolves around three big things, according to Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz:

1. Your values. Implied and explicit.

2. Your mission and vision. The ability to strive towards a common goal and recognize everyone who helps the company move in that direction.

3. Your hiring, firing, and promotion criteria. 

It’s not just about hiring talented people; it’s about creating a culture where they thrive. You want to create an environment where employees are able to grow and develop their skills. There are many ways an organization’s culture impacts its ability to attract quality candidates, from salary and benefits packages to advancement opportunities to weekly happy hours. 

2.  “We are not looking for job seekers. We want changemakers!”

You have to innovate if you want to stay ahead of the competition. That is one of the big lessons from the recent pandemic. For many leaders, innovation is now a front-and-center priority. In the end, innovation is not just about technology but about people and culture. Employees need to be able to come up with plans fast and modify these plans quickly, adapting to changing conditions.

The above phrase screens out business-as-usual operators and yes-men. But it has to go into a bit more detail about who a change maker is – as it pertains to your company. 


“We are not looking for job seekers. We want changemakers!”

Here’s a job description from ServiceNow, a California based cloud computing company. They don’t just make a confusing statement about looking for changemakers. In the introduction, which features a description of the company, they describe what they want in an ideal change maker.

“At ServiceNow, our technology makes the world work for everyone, and our people make it possible. We move fast because the world can’t wait, and we innovate in ways no one else can for our customers and communities. 

By joining ServiceNow, you are part of an ambitious team of changemakers who have a restless curiosity and a drive for ingenuity. We know that your best work happens when you live your best life and share your unique talents, so we do everything we can to make that possible. We dream big together, supporting each other to make our individual and collective dreams come true. The future is ours, and it starts with you.”

 3. “Come join us in reshaping the future”

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conducted a study that found 94% of millennials want to use their skills to support a worthy cause and 57% wish that there were more company-wide service days. Nowadays, people don’t just look for work; they seek meaningful work. This creates an opportunity for companies that understand what employees want and are changing the status quo smartly.

But just like the above, the way to use this hiring caption for social media is to highlight what your company does. Instead of making a bogus statement like “come join us in reshaping the future”, a better phrase for targeting talented people in the cryptocurrency space could be, “come join us in reshaping the future of DeFi”. Also mention what makes you qualified to make this statement. Avoid using deceptive statements to get applicants in the door. 

“Come join us in reshaping the future”


4.  “We never force you to think out of the box, because we don’t believe in the concept of box in the first place.”

Most tech jobs require candidates to be out-of-the-box thinkers. And many people who desire a tech job put this key phrase in their profile. Being able to think out of the box is a requirement for any job that requires a good deal of creativity and innovation. 

But what if there was no box? Disney historian Jim Korkis is quoted as describing Walt Disney as someone who essentially denies the existence of a box:

“Today you hear people talk about ‘thinking outside the box’. But Walt would say, ‘No! Don’t think outside the box! Once you say that, you’ve established that there is a box.’

 Denying the existence of a box indicates to candidates that you allow employees to innovate freely and push the boundaries of the status quo.

5. “If you’re good at what you do, you can work anywhere. If you’re the best at what you do, come work at our company.”

“If you’re good at what you do, you can work anywhere. If you’re the best at what you do, come work at our company.”


According to PwC’s 2017 CEO survey, CEOs see the lack of available talent and skills as the greatest threat to their business.  

Employers spend an average of $4,129 on hiring for each job, according to the SHRM. As a recruiter, you need to make sure you’re hiring the most qualified people for the job – people who have a proven track record. The problem is that top talent is not easy to find. And when you find them, you have to deal with a lot of competition from other companies.

The most effective way to attract the highest quality candidates is to offer perks and benefits that stand out. This is because these types of candidates will be really picky about whom they talk to. In a Business News Daily post, Rich Deosingh, district president for the Robert Half office in Midtown, New York, says it’s wise to research the local market. Do this before even looking at openings within your company.

“Research who is hiring, what the economic landscape is in your region, and review other job postings,” Deosingh told Business News Daily. 

What this does is that it gives you an idea of the salary range these high-caliber employees want. It also gives you an idea of your competition and how they try to attract the best people. Knowing this, you can create competitive job postings that stand out and get the most qualified employees through the door. 

 6. “We’re driven by curiosity, passion, optimism, and the belief that everybody can grow.”

10 Catchy Phrases For Job Postings On LinkedIn


Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a company. It would help if you had them in place before you start working with a new team member. Various studies have shown that companies with strong company values perform better financially, are more satisfied with customers and employees, and grow faster. These values, if they are shared and lived by your team, help team members work better together. 

A value statement like the above makes your job posting attractive to candidates who share the same values. However, it’s one thing to write about your values. It’s another thing to live it. Like culture, values are inherently defined by how employees and clients are treated in your organization, not just what you write or say. So make sure your company actually operates by those core values.

7. List unusual perks of working at your company.

When attracting the best candidates, the benefits offered are very important. A survey of Glassdoor users showed that employees prefer more benefits over raises. 

 The more unusual the benefits your company offers, the better your chances of attracting high-quality talent. Here are some examples of big companies offering unusual benefits:

1. Reebok’s free fitness classes. Reebok’s employees have access to free fitness classes at its on-site gym and Crossfit gym at any time of the day

2. Google’s death benefits. Talk about unusual! Google pays 50% of a deceased employee’s salary for up to 10 years after passing to their surviving spouse or partner. The deceased employee’s children receive $1000 per month until age 19.

3. Netflix’s unlimited paid time off. This allows employees to be in control of their own time-offs after they’ve given birth. Both men and women can take paid-time-off as long as they have a child to take care of.

Canva uses a number of attractive perks to attract top talent, including employee assistance programs and an annual vibe and thrive allowance.

10 Catchy Phrases For Job Postings On LinkedIn


8. Unusual job titles

If you’re a recruiter, odds are you’ve come across some really strange job titles on CVs before. Here are 50 weird job titles from the guys at Coburg Banks

10 Catchy Phrases For Job Postings On LinkedIn


 It is not uncommon to see companies putting some twist on normal job titles in their job postings. However, it would help if you were careful with these catchy job titles. Don’t just try to sound cool but ensure that the job seeker understands the role you’re hiring for. Here are a few examples:

  • Happiness Hero. Everyone understands what a customer care representative does. But the happiness hero title puts more positivity into what could have just been a drab title.
  • Fashion evangelist. Tumblr hired a fashion evangelist to help curate content from top fashion brands and blogs.
  • Innovation sherpa. Microsoft and other tech companies hire an innovation sherpa to help identify innovation areas within the company. 
  • Tweeter in chief. What do you call someone who manages Twitter’s twitter account? A tweeter in chief.
  • Wellbeing Lead. Someone responsible for workplace wellbeing is called a well-being lead. Companies like Canva, Tiktok and Serco Plc hire wellbeing managers.

9. We’ve got first-mover advantage, we’re scaling rapidly, and we need best-in-class talent.

10 Catchy Phrases For Job Postings On LinkedIn


Being a first-mover in a market means that there will be a lot of experimentation and learning opportunities. Being the first in the market also means your company will gain the edge over time as processes become more efficient. This signals a chance to grow with the company. It’s a positive motivator for prospective employees.

AirRobe, a platform that allows people to rent, resell and recycle fashion items, catches attention by letting candidates know that the company is scaling rapidly. Then it encourages only the best people to join it to foster its growth and vision. If you’re working for a rapidly growing company, you’ll likely be exposed to many challenging tasks and growth opportunities.

10. We celebrate diversity

10 Catchy Phrases For Job Postings On LinkedIn


Canva is one of the companies with an ingrained culture of workplace equality and diversity. And this statement shows their commitment to these values in their hiring process and culture. 

Why does diversity matter so much in today’s workplace? It makes your company look more appealing to millennial and Gen Z job seekers. According to a recent Glassdoor survey, 76% of young job seekers say a diverse workplace is important when evaluating companies and job offers. But research also shows that diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time. This allows for different perspectives to be shared when trying to innovate or solve a problem.

As a recruiter, you want also to ensure you are using inclusive language in your descriptions. For example, most women will find words like “driven” or “ambitious” too masculine. You can use Textio to analyze the language you use in your job descriptions.


These catchy job posting phrases aren’t just phrases to help your job listing sound cool. They convey a message about your team, culture, and company. But they do this in a fun, compelling way. Give the best candidates a good reason to apply to your LinkedIn job postings.



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